Optimal form fit of the pallets by our Void Filler made of corrugated board.

Name: Void Filler
Material: corrugated board
Quality, dimensions and design according to customer requirements.
Imprint possible.
Simple handling.
Environmentally friendly.
Multiple use.

Void Filler

Hinged separating structure made of corrugated cardboard or cardboard in honeycomb form.

Filling of empty spaces, especially if the goods do not fill the entire surface of the tray.

Avoid tilting or slipping of the goods. Avoidance of the domino effect due to starting or braking movements during transport.

Mainly applicable in the consumer goods sector, such as the food and beverage industry, but also cosmetics, cleaning agents or laboratory products

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Void Filler Großformat

Hinged separating structure made of corrugated cardboard or cardboard of large honeycomb shape.

Filling of large spaces between crates in a container.
Avoidance of movement, tipping or slipping of the goods during sea transport. Avoidance of shifting of the crates in the container.
Mainly applicable in the consumer goods sector, such as the food and beverage industry or laboratory products, in the chemical industry or for transport and logistics companies.


Large surface corrugated board panel in honeycomb form.

Protection of the goods and/or filling of the empty spaces of the crates. Also serves as a partition between the crates and between airbags and goods as a void filler.
Unification of the surface in the transport of goods. Safety reinforcement in the use of airbags.
Mainly in the industrial sector and with transport and logistics companies.


Compact block in honeycomb form.

Lateral protection device for crates on which large and rigid goods are stored.
Avoid collisions between the individual trays. This voidfiller variant can be used with adhesive tape for easy installation.
industrial and transport and logistics companies.

Block FIX

Special corrugated cardboard box production. Folding small format.

Rapid fixing of rigid goods.
Blocking of the goods with a small protective block on the surface.
Mainly suitable for white line companies (z.B. Refrigerators) and transport and logistics companies.


Always finding the right packaging for the respective project is not so easy. Void Filler is folding corrugated board that can be used to separate cardboard boxes or pallets, for example. They are a simple way of filling empty spaces in a truck, for example. They are easy to use, versatile and environmentally friendly. Consumers can use them several times and therefore save money. They are also particularly space-saving as they can be folded when not in use. The Void Fillers are available in different sizes and thicknesses, so they are suitable for every need.