We develop and produce a wide range of different displays in order to market your product in the best possible way in retail outlets.

To this end, we respond to every individual requirement and offer you a creative solution to distribute your product in a promotionally effective manner in the retail trade.

Our award-winning displays are made of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and corrugated board or a combination of different materials.

From development to delivery, we are in close contact with our customers, so that no wish remains unfulfilled and their satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Award-winning displays made of plastic, wood, Plexiglas, metal, cardboard and corrugated board

  • Offset, screen and digital printing

  • Plattendigitaldirektdruck

  • Installation of electrical units in displays (light, movement and sound)

  • Digital scanner rails and motion displays

  • Animation slides

  • Info-Terminals, Interactive Windows, Touchscreen, TFT and much more

  • 3D design drawings

  • Development and prototyping

  • Pre-assembly

  • Packing

  • Individual shipping

  • Dispatch packaging


Nowadays, displays are hardly imaginable without them. Especially companies use them in numerous situations to present their company. Advertising messages can be placed on such displays at low cost and at the same time effectively. Marketing a product in retail outlets is easily possible thanks to different and adapted displays. With a creative solution, which you get by means of the suitable display, you are always represented in an effective way.

Certainly the most well-known displays are made of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic or acrylic glass. These can be found in numerous shops. However, wood or metal displays can also be effective in advertising. These give a special charm and are particularly appealing to potential customers.

Our displays can be printed as desired and required. Screen printing and digital printing are usually used as standard. Offset or flexo printing is also possible. If you want to attract special attention with your advertising campaign, you can have additional light, sound or a monitor built into your display. Electrical movements are now also possible and in great demand.

We support our customers from the first second on. Any individual requirement is implemented by us with award-winning displays. It is also possible to combine different materials, so that the advertising effectiveness can be increased even more.

acrylic glass displays

With acrylic glass displays you set optical highlights. They are translucent and shatterproof at the same time. These displays also inspire companies again and again because they are UV-stable. Not only do they look particularly attractive, they are also versatile. Due to their lightness, they can often be found in pharmacies, but also in fashion boutiques and travel agencies, to name but a few companies. Acrylic glass displays are always popular because they are dimensionally stable and are said to have a strong advertising effect.

Displays, no matter which material is used, can be used creatively. These can be provided with a personal lettering, but also with an advertising message. These are quickly ready for use and support an advertising concept optimally. Displays can be produced not only with different materials, but also in different sizes. They can be set up, installed, but also mounted on the wall of a house, for example. Regardless of how you want to attract attention, with an appropriate display this is undoubtedly possible without any problems. Such a display catches the eye. Above all, displays are quickly ready for use and at the same time can be individually designed. With us you get:

  • award winning displays made of plastic, acryl, plexiglas, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, wood, but also from metal
  • we support our customers in the development and implementation
  • pre-assembly is just as much a matter of course as assembly
  • we create a 3D design drawing for you