Separating sheets are loading devices for units used for handling and transporting packaged goods. These products are used instead of a pallet to achieve lower material costs, lower shipping costs and less environmental impact.

Slip Sheet Advantages:

  • Enables 12-15% more products in material transport containers
  • Does not require maintenance, but can be easily replaced
  • Significant reduction in material handling costs
  • Reduces the charging / discharging time
  • Weighs less than wooden pallets (save shipping weight)
  • Can be adapted to any size
  • Eliminates the need to exchange pallets
  • Reusable and reliable
  • Recyclable (general)

Pallet advantages:

  • Provides greater distance between floor and unit load
  • Does not require special attachments to transport devices such as pallet trucks
  • When used alone, they provide more structural support than dividers
  • No reduction in loading capacity due to the attachment of the industrial truck
  • Less load damage
  • Faster processing